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Nena Jewelry Designs Studio

About Nena Jewelry Designs

The studio in the woods.

Starting the business in 1985, Nena Jewelry Designs relocated after building the studio in 1988.  Nena still works at this location in the Missouri Ozarks designing and fabricating each piece of jewelry by hand.   

Nena making jewelry

Nena Jewelry Designs hand crafts custom jewelry based on customer collaboration, one of a kind works inspired by experiences, travels, and nature as well as several themed collections.

 melting gold in the studio

Most of the  jewelry is made from sterling silver with  14k and 18k gold, but many other metals, materials and stones can be utilized to add variety, visual interest and color.

Nena working in the studio

Artist created jewelry is personal sculpture to wear and expresses the creativity of the maker as well as the individuality of the wearer. Each piece is unique.

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