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Can it get worse?

The short answer is yes. Just remember it can always get worse, remember the ice storm? Not everyone will, especially if you don't live in this part of the country. During that event we had no electricity, which means no heat and if you were on a well no water either. We had toilet paper but tried not to use it as it was difficult to flush. After a few days it was necessary to buy dry ice to try to keep the freezer from thawing, but no dry ice was to be found. Anywhere! Take heart, be positive, eat well, because we still have electricity, take walks, be present, enjoy your family and the down time that we are forced to take. Be thoughtful and most of all be thankful for the health that we still have. Keep busy with those projects that you were always going to get to. I am still working on new jewelry designs to keep me engaged, busy and of course happy. Take a look.

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