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  • Nena Potts

Spring Time in the Ozarks

Spring continues to unfold and the woods where I live and work have transformed from a landscape of brown and gray to vibrant greens in all shades with a little purple thrown in from the last of the Red Bud blooms and the wild Phlox.

When in the woods I become more aware of sound, shape, color and the relationship between all of these elements.

Wild Phlox in spring.

A snake in the leaves.
Dressy Quartz and Opal necklace

Hearing a rustling in the leaves brings my attention to a tiny snake sunning on a bed of leaves. The shape of his body and the color of leaves, green and tan bring to mind a necklace that mimics those colors and line. Of course with artistic license I made this Drusy

Quartz and Ethiopian Opal necklace, It has 18 karat gold and a handmade chain. Inspiration can come from anything, a real object, a group of colors, or just an idea that forms for no apparent reason in my mind, The creative process is still a mystery to me.

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