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  • Nena Potts

Shadows and Reflections

I look for inspiration constantly in the things around me. A particularly warm winter day I found myself at the river studying my environment to find shapes, colors or natural things for design ideas. It occurred to me that there must be some commonality between shadows and reflections. Both produce an image of another object in a different location than the original object. A shadow is produced by a light source in this case, the sun behind an object like a tree. Reflection is also produced by light on a smooth, shiny surface such as a mirror or in this case water. A copy of the original object is reproduced in a different location. Rarely do I stop long enough to think about such things but it is an interesting comparison and could be used as a design concept.

The design process is one of trial and error, the drawing process is just the beginning. Translating the concept or flat design into a wearable piece of jewelry is a challenge. but a rewarding one.

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